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Blake P. King: Enriching Lives Through Marketing Expertise

August 17, 2023

Blake King Atlanta
At the forefront of Blake P. King's life mission lies a profound dedication to helping people. In his current role as the Atlanta Channel Marketing Manager for Transnexus, he has solidified his position as an acknowledged leader within the company. This recognition can be attributed, in part, to his deeply rooted philosophy, a set of values he cultivated years ago while working as a door-to-door salesman in Michigan. These values revolve around the fundamental principle that the success of a marketer hinges on demonstrating to the customer how they, or their family, will derive tangible benefits from a purchase.

Blake's journey into the world of helping people began during his early career when he marketed educational books designed to aid parents in preparing their children for a successful academic life. The essence of his approach was to highlight how these resources would enhance the lives of families. This commitment to making a positive impact on individuals has been a defining characteristic of his career and his life.

Blake P. King's professional odyssey commenced earnestly in 2009, following his graduation from the University of Georgia—a period marked by an extraordinarily challenging job market in the aftermath of the worst economic downturn in nearly eight decades. After an arduous job search, he finally found his calling in the financial services industry, where his genuine passion for assisting people truly came to the fore.